Protecting Freshwater Ecosystems:

This page contains (i) documents and links of particular importance, and (ii) Australian documents which are otherwise difficult to locate.  
Most have a science applied to ecosystem protection emphasis.

Australian Society for Limnology Representative Reserves Working Group
limnology is the study of inland waters)  The Working Group's report:  
The Australian Freshwater Protected Area Resourcebook
 (Word2k, 280pp, 2 MB).  
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The Working Group's Bibliography (html - not included in the Working Group's report).   
Check the Australian Society for Limnology website.   

Freshwater Links

The following documents and links deal mainly with Australian programs related to the conservation of freshwater ecosystems:
(missing numbers indicate papers which are now accessible through the Archives link at the bottom of this page):

51. Bonn Declaration on Water Security 2013

50. Scientists concerned: lack of vision in draft Basin Plan; April 2012.
      Scientists' letter (Prof Richard Kingsford);  Media;  SM Herald editorial

49. Scientists support need for Murray Darling Basin Plan; December 2010.

48.  Nevill, Jon, Peter Hancock, Brad Murray, Winston Ponder, William Humphreys, Megan Phillips and Philip Groom (2010) Groundwater-dependent ecosystems and the dangers of groundwater overdraft. Paper published in Pacific Conservation Biology 16(3)187-209. For further information contact Jon Nevill.

47. Governments fail to meet statutory commitments to Snowy River flows.

46.  Australia's national biodiversity strategy: scientist's letter of concern. 6/2009.

45Freshwater protected areas symposium - Australian Protected Areas Congress, Sunshine Coast, November 24-28, 2008.

44.  Policy without action:  landscape-level protection for freshwater ecosystems
Jon Nevill 2008. Australian Protected Areas Congress - support paper. Powerpoint

43.  In memory of Professor Peter Cullen - a great champion of Australia's freshwaters. Died 13 March 2008. "Cullenisms".

42.  Finlayson B, Nevill J and Ladson T (2008) Cumulative impacts in water resource development. Paper presented to the Water Down Under conference, Adelaide Convention Centre, 14-17 April 2008. Engineers Australia in conjunction with the International Centre of Excellence in Water Resource Management.

41.  Policy without action: groundwater reform in the Murray-Darling Basin:      J Nevill 2007. MS Word document. 23 pages, 1.2 MB.   See also supporting doc:
40. Recent progress in Australian conjunctive water management  J Nevill 2007, 4 pages.

39.  Assessing the importance of Australia's freshwater ecosystems. An unpublished discussion paper prepared by J Nevill and M Finlayson to support a workshop held in Darwin on 15 August 2007.  For access, please contact Charles Edlington, Department of the Environment & Water Resources, Canberra.

38.  Nel JL, Roux DJ, Maree G, Kleynhans CJ, Moolman J, Reyers B, Rouget M, Cowling R (2007) Rivers in peril inside and outside protected areas: a systematic approach to conservation assessment of river ecosystems. Diversity and Distributions 13:341-352. 

37.  Sowa et al. (2007) A gap analysis and comprehensive conservation strategy for riverine ecosystems of Missouri.

36. Challenges facing protected area planning for freshwater ecosystems due to climate change. J Nevill. Paper prepared for a WWF Climate Symposium, June 2007, Canberra. Powerpoint presentation (16 MB).

35.  Abell, R, Allan, JD & Lehner, B (2007) 'Unlocking the potential of protected areas for freshwaters', Biological Conservation, vol. 134, no. 1, pp. 48-63.

34.  Are freshwater protected areas effective? Notes on a short bibliography. J Nevill.

33.  Peter Unmack (Australian freshwater fish biogeography; desert fishes).

32.  Kingsford et al. (2005) Protecting Australia's rivers, wetlands and estuaries of high conservation value. Department of Environment and Water Resources, Canberra.

31The need for river protection: Talk broadcast on Australian Broadcasting Commission Radio National Perspective program: 28 August 2005, 5:55 pm. 2pp.

30.  How many of Australia's rivers have effective protection? (20 pages, html) Jon Nevill, (comment invited) July 2005. Cairns 2006 presentation (ppt).

29.  The 'Kingsford Statement': 
Urgent need for the systematic expansion of freshwater protected areas (10 pages). Scientists' consensus statement. The Journal of Ecological Management and Restoration published a summary in December 2005. The journal Pacific Conservation Biology published the full text in March 2006, without endnotes.  Summary version PDF (2 pages). Full version PDF  DiscussionSenator Ian Macdonald (Minister) reply to question on notice re freshwater protection.

28.  An eDatabase search on "freshwater protected areas" March 12, 2005.  Word document, 222 KB. Includes abstracts. Key references (2 pages) Word doc.

27.  Chadderton, WL, Brown, DJ, and Stephens, RT (December 2004) Identifying freshwater ecosystems of national importance for biodiversity – discussion document.  Department of Conservation New Zealand, Wellington. REVIEW by Jon Nevill (Word doc, 5 pp.)

26.  Kingsford RT, Dunn H, Love D, Nevill J, Stein J, and Tait J (2004) Protecting Australia’s rivers, wetlands and estuaries of high conservation value: a blueprint; Final consultant's report to Land and Water Australia, Canberra; now available on the Commonwealth Department of the Environment and Heritage website:

25.  A snapshot of Australian approaches to waterway assessment.  Jon Nevill December 2004.  Word2000 document.  6 pages.  Working draft; comment invited.

24.  IUCN World Conservation Congress resolution on freshwater protected areas, November 2004. html document, 2 pages.

23.  While progress has been made in determining and delivering environmental flows to Australian waterways, many serious policy and practical problems remain.  
Tony Ladson
(Monash University) has discussed these problems, along with other important issues, in the Victorian context.

22.  Policy failure: the example of Australian freshwater protected areas.  Jon Nevill. 19 pages, Word2000 document. Two-page summaryCairns 2006 presentation (ppt). Revised AJEM version 2006.

21.  Freshwater Protected Area Conference; University of Sydney; 27-28 September 2004.  Jon Nevill: Gaps in current programs and recommendations for action: PowerPoint presentationWord2000 document.

20.  Murray Cod Group Communiqué: John Harris, 2004.

19.  Managing the cumulative effects of incremental developments in the water resource industryJon Nevill. MS Word97 document. 14 pages.   Published in April 2003 in Environmental and Planning Law Journal, vol.20, no.2, pp85-94. Updated version November 2004.

18.  Saunders DL, Meeuwig JJ and Vincent CJ (2002) Freshwater protected areas: strategies for conservation.  Conservation Biology 16(1):30-41.  (Perhaps the most important paper on high-level freshwater protected area strategies yet published). 

17.   Nevill, Jon (2002) Representative freshwater aquatic protected areas: the Australian contextPaper presented to the First World Congress on Aquatic Protected Areas, Cairns Australia, August 14-17 2002. Revised 20/11/03.

16.  Improving the legislative framework for the management of freshwater resources in Australia.  Maher M, Nevill J, and Nichols P (2002) Land and Water Australia monograph.  Link to MS Word97 documents.

15b. Calvert, S, Erskine, W & Junor, B (2001) Development of a national river classification system: final report. A consultant report by PPK for the Murray-Darling Basin Commission.  PDF 4.6MB.

15a. International, national and inter-governmental agreements affecting the freshwater environment (Australian context).  MS Word97 document. 2001.

13.  Assessing the sustainability of freshwater programs. Jon Nevill, Peter Nichols, and Mary Maher.  Paper presented to the Third Annual Stream Management Conference; Brisbane, August 2001.  MS Word97; 30 pages.  150 kbytes.  PowerPoint presentation.

12.  Water law, COAG, and the environment. Jon Nevill, Mary Maher and Peter Nichols. Long version of a paper presented to the 3rd Australasian Natural Resources Law & Policy Conference (Focus on Water), 22-23 March 2001, Adelaide

7. LINK:  Model frameworks for water resource legislation and water resource management programs. Jon Nevill (2000).

6. LINK:  Freshwater Biodiversity:  140 pages.  Jon Nevill (2000).
Protecting Australian freshwater ecosystems in the face of infrastructure development. Abstract, findings, recommendations, and the full document.

5. DOC:  Scoping guideline for the preparation of an environmental impact statement for a large freshwater dam. MS Word 97; 200 kbytes. Jon Nevill (1999).

4.  DOC: Mixing Zones. MS Word97; 50 kbytes.

3.  LINK: Fish passage: documents and images.

2.  LINK: Sewage management issues.

1.  LINK: Freshwater Archives: documents which were previously accessible through this page.

Jon Nevill's publication list (contains a few freshwater references not cited above).


NEWS: Australian freshwater biodiversity. (discontinued: last updated July 2006).



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