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The following documents/links deal with Australian programs related to the conservation of freshwater ecosystems, and have been archived after a period of exposure on the front pages of Only One Planet.

19.  Submission to the Victorian Government (Jon Nevill) on the Green Paper on Reform of the Water Sector. November 2003.  The 60 page submission contains substantial detail on the need for strategic catchment management, and the need for water law reform.

14.  The role of, and need for, representative freshwater reserves.  Jon Nevill and Ngaire Phillips.  Paper presented to the International River Symposium; Brisbane, August 2001.  MS Word97; 18 pages. 130 kbytes. PowerPoint presentation.

11.  Submission to the Victorian Government: the proposed Commissioner for Ecologically Sustainable Development.  Jon Nevill. (2000) Word97 format, 250 kbytes.  Download instructions.

10. DOC:  Threats to freshwater ecosystems: Short paper.  Jon Nevill (2000).
MS Word97; 32 kbytes.

9. DOC:  The gap between knowing and doing: Short paper.  Jon Nevill (2000)
MS Word97;  20 kbytes.

8.  DOC: Measuring sustainability in the management of freshwater ecosystems. Jon Nevill (2000) MS Word97; 140 kbytes.

6.  DOC: Submission to the Victorian Government: Draft Wy Yung Groundwater Management Plan prepared by Southern Rural Water.  February 2001; Word97; 50 kbytes.

5.  DOC:  Submission to the Western Australian government in relation to their draft "Waterways WA Policy" released for comment in November 2000, with a request for public submissions up to 31 January 2001.  MS Word97;  50 kbytes.

4.  PDF document:  Submission to the Murray-Darling Basin Commission on their draft statement on integrated catchment management, September 2000.  The submission is dated December 2000.  PDF; 40 kbytes.

3. LINK:  The Tasmania Government's Wetlands Strategy Discussion Paper. July 2000.

2. LINK:  The Victorian Government's Discussion Paper on Water Resource Management and Farm Dams; April 2000.

1.  Four intractible water management issues: December 1999.
HTML; 100 kbytes.


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