OnlyOnePlanet Australia
Links to other useful sites:

Australian environment and community NGOs:
Animal Liberation (Australia)
Australian Conservation Foundation. (peak national environmental NGO).
Australian Gene Ethics Network
Australian Bush Heritage Fund
Australian Bush Heritage Trust - now Bush Heritage Australia
Australian Wildlife Conservancy
Australia Zoo (founded by Steve and Terri Irwin) Wildlife Warriors Worldwide
Birds Australia
Blue Mountains Conservation Society
Centre for Sustainable Living (WA, Denmark)
Colong Wilderness Foundation
Ecological Society of Australia
Environmental Law Publishing (by Chris McGrath)
Friends of the Earth (Australia)
Green Innovations (a site focussing on green economics and related issues)
Humane Society International (Australia)
Northern Australian Environment Alliance
Our community (linking community resources)
Voiceless (animal rights)
Wildlife Protection Association of Australia
World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Australia. 

Other Australian environment sites:
Australian Government Environmental Information Portal.
Australian Environmental Defenders Office
Australian National Ecological Meta Database
Australian National Land and Water Resources Audit
Land and Water Australia's NRM Toolbar (Australian NRM databases and organisations)

Australian Legal Information Institute

Australian 'alternative' news and current affairs:
Tasmanian Times

International - making the world a better place

International UN / environment / human rights / NGOs and consultancies:

Action to end modern slavery - see "Human Rights" below

Affluence and over-consumption: Ted Trainer George Monbiot
Environmental Auditing

Animal Welfare: see "Ethical treatment of animals" below.

Biodiversity: check out marine links; Alliance for zero extinction; Convention on Biological Diversity: home website; country reports. Jane Goodall's Roots and Shoots  OnePlanetOneLife Extinction crisis: United Nations: Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services.

Center for Environment, Health and Justice (pollution, toxics; USA)

see "Global environment" heading below.

Child care: The natural child project; useful reading

Climate change: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate ChangeRealClimate (scientific commentary);  International Research Institute for Climate Prediction
Indian Ocean Climate Initiative;  European Science Foundation discussion site;  
Greenhouse Gas Online (popular, but science-based); Conversation with James Lovelock; British Govt Climate Change website; Climate change in the media;

recommended reading: Paul Monk (2005) Thunder from the silent zone. Scribe, Sydney.
Conservation International (biodiversity hotspots)
Corporate Watch;  Corporate behaviour: GetNewVision website;

Crime: organized crime in Australia - see key book by Clive Small (2009) 'Smack express', Allen & Unwin, London.

Democracy in action:

Australian whistle-blowers: Lance Collins (Australian Army - exposed corruption within the Army's intelligence organisation); Simon Illingsworth (Victorian Police - exposed corruption within the police drug squad, and, by implication, weakness and poor management at senior management levels within the larger organisation); Peter Cahan (Australian Navy - exposed corruption after the Voyager disaster). There are many others.... for example, Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks. 

John Pilger on Julian Assange

Institute for Policy Studies (democracy and social justice issues; USA).
International Forum on Globalization. (corporate watch, trade policies...)
International Institute for Sustainable Development (corporate and UN sponsored)

PR Watch (Center for Media and Democracy, USA)

Union of Concerned Scientists (USA)

Donating: effective donation
There are many ineffective charities. Some charities are total scams.
Here are some charities which I think are worth checking out: (about educating girls) (about reducing blindness)

Ethics & religion: Center for the Study of World ReligionsDeep Ecology; Religion and nature;  Prof Bron Taylor on Deep EcologyOnline EthicsReadings in environmental ethics;   Ecology and Christianity - Sean McDonagh (Columban Fathers). Tom Harpur (compassion as a unifying force between religions). 

Ethical treatment of animals (animal welfare): (see also "Zoos and aquariums" below).   International Fund for Animal Welfare;   People for the Ethical Treatment of AnimalsFishing HurtsAnimal Protection AU; Animals AustraliaCruelty-free CosmeticsAnimal Liberation NSW; Animal Liberation Vic; Animal Liberation QLD; Animal Liberation WA; Animal Liberation SA.

Going green in the UK ...  links

Global environment:

David Suzuki Foundation (Canadian NGO focussing on global environment issues).

Envirolink / Net for change (links to many other environmental sites)
European Commission Environment;    European Union Law

Filmmakers: International Wildlife Film... ; Filmmakers for Conservation
Friends of the Earth (greenhouse, pollution control etc)

Global Response (promotes environmental and social change through letter writing)
Genetics / GM foods:  UK infoUK Genetics ForumUK gm shoppers' guide;
Greenpeace (greenhouse, pollution control, marine animals, biotechnology)

Marine sites (international);  marine sites (Australia);  freshwater sites.

Millennium Assessment Report (World Resource Institute)

One World  (sustainable development, human rights)

Pantheists (environmental ethics and philosophy)

The Ecologist (international journal: global environment and development issues).
The Sierra Club (biotechnology, toxic waste, pesticides, forest, endangered species)
Third World Network (environment and development issues, first world - third world exploitation)

Rainforest Action Network (global rainforests).

Rocky Mountains Institute (USA) Amory Lovins.

Spirit Bear Youth Coalition Canadian NGO
Stockholm Environment Institute.  See their Water Evaluation and Planning software.
SustainAbility: a UK consultancy promoting sustainable business programs.  Free environmental news service.

Transnational Resource and Action Center (corporate watch, USA).

Health and the environment: Alternative cancer info (UK);  British Holistic Medicine Association;    Health Report Australian Broadcasting Commission;  Wisconsin Medical College (provide free health e-newsletter). Healthy babies: march of dimes .  Drugs of addiction resources also American Society for Addition Medicine  and alcohol rehab .

Human rightsUniversal Declaration of Human Rights (UN) 1948;  
Action to end modern slavery: the Walk Free Foundation.
A collection of linksAmerican Friends;   Amnesty International;   Childrens rightsJulian Burnside on Australian immigration policy (Feb 2005).   Human Rights Watch;     Service Committee  Chika Honda (wrongfully imprisoned in Australia).
International Criminal Court;   International Alert
Anti-slavery International. Chagos Islanders illegally expelled by Britain and the USA.  
John Pilger  Susan George  Robert Fisk  human rights investigations. International law? see "Crimes against humanity" by Geoffrey Robertson (Penguin 1999). George Monbiot
Also Christopher Hitchings has written important works on totalitarian regimes. 
The Australian Strategic Policy Institute has a report naming western corporations benefiting from slave labour in China (2021).
Istanbul Convention on protecting women from abuse: note that only a minority of nations have signed up to, or endorsed, this European convention, and even those signatory nations, in many cases, have poorly or partially implemented protective measures. TEXT

Middle East: Robert Fisk - journalism with integrity

Peace: Global Peace Index

Pollution: Pesticide Action Network (USA) email:
US EPA on endocrine disruptors.

Population:  Sustainable Population Australia;   Marie Stopes International AU
Population Action (focussing on population / environment links)
Population: ZPGPopulation Institute  Sustainable Albemarle Population.

Resilience: Resilience Alliance; Resilience Science; Sante Fe Institute

United Nations: UN HomeEconomic and Social Council; Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO); United Nations Development Program environmental data. The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment 2005. 

World Heritage Convention (the UNESCO site)
World Resources Institute (forests, biodiversity, climate change, sustainable agriculture etc)
World Watch Institute (environmental research and monitoring)

Women's Rights: see Human Rights, above.

Zoos and Aquariums. Zoos and Aquariums, in the past, have been terrible places. As a child I remember visiting the Melbourne Zoo, and seeing a Brown Bear pacing endessly from one side to the other of her tiny cage, which was so small there was hardly enough room for her to lie down. There was shit on the concrete floor, and one or two token tree-branches, and a water bowl. Nothing else. It was clear to me that this unfortunate animal, like so many others in zoos around the world, had been driven crazy by confinement. And we humans were of course responsible. I formed the view then, which I still hold today, that animals which roam over large territories in nature should NOT be kept in zoos or aquariums. However, having said that, there are some zoos which use very large enclosures where humans are confined in small viewing spaces; this is at least a step in the right direction. Some zoos have breeding programs for endangered animals, combined with programs to protect and restore natural habitat. These zoos need support. An example is the San Diego Zoo. Zoos and aquariums should have mission statements which specifically include commitments to the mental and physical health of confined animals.

Water Conservation

Water conservation: conserveswater conservation at home

Fix a Leak
Ground water and drinking water: An expert guide for kids
Water cycle game
The best domestic water saving gadgets
Water reuse
Conservation notes from Tankless Water Heater Express