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  8. Minority Rights Group International - Minority Rights Group International (MRG) promotes the rights of ethnic, linguistic and religious minorities. We are an international non-governmental organi... - [Save Page] - [What's Related]
  9. Lawyers Committee for Human Rights - [Save Page] - [What's Related]
  10. Aaas Directory of Human Rights Resources on the Internet - Provides descriptions and links to hundreds of human rights organizations worldwide on the Internet, organized by site name, topical and geographical focus. ... - [Save Page] - [What's Related]
  11. University of Minnesota Human Rights Library, The - The Library contains a large collection of international human rights treaties, instruments, general comments, recommendations, decisions, and views of treat... - [Save Page] - [What's Related]
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  13. Bhhrg - British Helsinki Human Rights Group - The British Helsinki Human Rights Group is dedicated to monitoring the development of democracy and human rights in the formerly communist countries of Easte... - [Save Page] - [What's Related]
  14. Eohr - Text Only Version Last updated July 1, 1997 This site has been accessed times since July 1, 1997 ©1996 EOHR, All Rights Reserved - [Save Page] - [What's Related]
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  19. Human and Constitutional Rights Resource Page at Columbia University - Human and Constitutional Rights Resource Page. Providing hundreds of links and documents relevant to Human and Constitutional Rights. - [Save Page] - [What's Related]
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  21. International Freedom of Expression Exchange (Ifex) - Covering freedom of expression abuses and issues from around the world, with an up-to-date, searchable database of alerts and weekly Communique (newsletter) - [Save Page] - [What's Related]
  22. World Commission for Peace and Human Rights Council - [Save Page] - [What's Related]
  23. (the) Universal Society Human Rights 1998 Celebration, A - The Universal Society Human Rights Celebration 1998 Welcome to The Universal Society The Universal Society Constitutes a free and non-violent voluntary Energ... - [Save Page] - [What's Related]
  24. Crisisweb: the International Crisis Group on-Line System - Bosnia-Herzegovina ICG's latest report, Rule of Law in Public Administration: Confusion and Discrimination in a Post-Communist Bureaucracy (December 15), add... - [Save Page] - [What's Related]
  25. Cushrid Net - Canada-US Human Rights Information and Documentation Network - [Save Page] - [What's Related]
  26. Cultural Survival's Home - Cultural Survival is a non-profit organization founded in 1972 to defend human rights and cultural autonomy of indigenous peoples and oppressed ethnic minori... - [Save Page] - [What's Related]
  27. Dci Home Page - Monitoring Children Rights in a changing World International secretariat Rue de Varembé PO Box 88 CH 1211 Geneva 20 SWITZERLAND telephone (+41 22) 734 05 50 ... - [Save Page] - [What's Related]
  28. Article 19, the International Centre Against Censorship - About ARTICLE 19 Programmes Africa Asia Europe Law Middle East News Press releases Campaign letters Publications Country Reports Thematic Reports Standards a... - [Save Page] - [What's Related]
  29. Office of the Americas             - WTO peace social justice politics americas Central America Chiapas society war war on drugs current events activism news analysis - [Save Page] - [What's Related]
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  31. Human Rights International Alliance - Human Rights International Alliance (HRIA) is a non-profit alliance of Individuals, NGO's, Parliamentarians and Intellectuals, dedicated to the protection an... - [Save Page] - [What's Related]
  32. International Commission of Jurists - Cijl - International Commission of Jurists on-line. Our concern is for the protection of human rights. - [Save Page] - [What's Related]
  33. Human Rights Education Associates (Hrea) Home Page - Human Rights Education Associates (HREA) is a non-profit organisation whose main mission is to support efforts aimed at introducing human rights concepts and... - [Save Page] - [What's Related]
  34. Center for World Indigenous Studies Home Page - An indigenous peoples founded non-profit US 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to promoting the sovereignty and self-determination of indigenous peoples worldw... - [Save Page] - [What's Related]
  35. Interaction - InterAction is a coalition of more than 160 humanitarian organizations working on disaster relief, refugee-assistance and sustainable development programs wo... - [Save Page] - [What's Related]
  36. Arab Organization for Human Rights - Arab Organization for Human Rights The Arab Organization for Human Rights (AOHR) al-MunZZamah al-`Arabiyyah li-Huquq al-Insan 17 Midan Aswan, Mohandseen, Giz... - [Save Page] - [What's Related]
  37. For the Record 1998: Human Rights in the U.N. System - Volume 1: Introduction, Thematics and Appendices Volume 2: Africa Volume 3: Asia Volume 4: Latin America and the Caribbean Volume 5: Central and Eastern Europe - [Save Page] - [What's Related]
  38. United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights - United Nations High Commissioner for Human RightsLast updated 28/04/2000 FRANCAIS | ESPAÑOL Welcome MessageWorld Conference against Racism 1st Preparatory Co... - [Save Page] - [What's Related]
  39. Aidoh- Art in Defense of Humanism - - Recent updates - General - Pillar of Shame - Projects of Galschiot - Related co-workers - Related Links - Join AIDOH | Mail to AIDOH | Join AIDOH| The Pill... - [Save Page] - [What's Related]
  40. International Women's Human Rights Organization:Madre, An - A nonprofit organization working for Justice and Human Rights for women and their families throughout the world - [Save Page] - [What's Related]
  41. Asociacion Pro Derechos Humanos - Aprodeh - Un colectivo de personas comprometidas con la lucha por la plena vigencia de los Derechos Humanos en el Peru - [Save Page] - [What's Related]
  43. Redirect to IGC Website - Provided for people who are changing the world by the only nationwide, nonprofit, unionized online service in the U.S. - [Save Page] - [What's Related]
  44. Ihf Annual Report 1997 on Russia - International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights Rummelhardtg. 2/18, A-1090 Vienna, AUSTRIA Tel. +43-1-402 73 87, 408 88 22 Fax +43-1-408 74 44 E-mail: off... - [Save Page] - [What's Related]
  45. European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance (Council of Euro... - Website dedicated to combating racism, xenophobia, antisemitism and intolerance - [Save Page] - [What's Related]
  46. Cpt Home / Accueil - New Internet address: / Nouvelle adresse Internet: What's new? (Last update: 28-04-2000) About the CPT States Visits Publications Members Sec... - [Save Page] - [What's Related]
  47. Koaga Roneeta: an Online Journal of Human Rights - En español-->> KO'AGA   ROÑE'ETA is an online journal of human rights and humanitarian affairs. It is designed to encourage thinking about human rights ... - [Save Page] - [What's Related]
  48. Coalition for International Justice - [Save Page] - [What's Related]
  49. Irct, the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims - IRCT, The International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims, Copenhagen, Denmark. IRCT is an international, private, non-profit organization with head... - [Save Page] - [What's Related]
  50. Institute for Human Rights | Åbo Akademi University - This page uses frames, but your browser may not support them. - [Save Page] - [What's Related]