United Nations Environment Program:


A  website on the state of the environment and the effects of degradation globally. The "one stop" service provides the most up-to-date environmental information on every country and territory in the world, together with satellite maps, making it the probably the most comprehensive global environmental information database on the internet.

For each nation or territory the website provides:

* satellite maps showing all protected areas, with information on every site and global rankings of hectares protected, number of areas and percentage of land area protected;
* information on each country or territory's ecology, human impact and climate, with maps for each;
* UN recognised priority zones for each area listing biological importance, conservation, human pressure and research for flora and fauna, demonstrated by maps;
* a UN environmental outlook for each nation or territory, considering the impacts of climate change;
* a national governmental outlook for each nation or territory, detailing policy and upcoming relevant legislation;
* contact information for relevant national NGO's and the minister of the environment.

Developed with industry, academic, government and non-governmental organization (NGO) partners, UNEP.Net is an Internet-based environmental information network, or meta-system (system of systems). This will bring together new integrated information frameworks and harmonized, readily accessible data sets to support assessment and decision-making across the international system, including UNEP's own assessment activities. It will also reduce national reporting burdens.