Extracts from the Universal Pantheist Society website:

Pantheists are persons who derive their fundamental religious experience through their personal relationship with the Universe. They feel that Nature is the ultimate context for human existence, and seek to improve their relationship with the natural world as their fundamental religious responsibility.

Religion is seen as a system of reverent behavior toward the Earth rather than subscription to a particular creed. Because Pantheists identify God with Nature rather than an anthropomorphic being, Pantheists oppose the arrogant world-view of anthropocentrism.

Their website contains a collection of materials about Pantheism and Pantheists.

About the Universal Pantheist Society

Despite a long religious history, dating back beyond Spinoza to the Stoics of ancient Greece and the philosophers of ancient India, there has been no modern organization to represent Pantheists until the formation of the Universal Pantheist Society in 1975. The Universal Pantheist Society is the oldest known organization dedicated to modern and ethical Pantheism. Today, the need for an ethical Pantheism has never been greater.

Universal Pantheist Society