Protecting Marine Ecosystems:

Documents previously listed on the main marine page of Only One Planet:

11. MPA design principles, draft for comment 2003.

10. Personal submission to the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into Recreational Fishing, March 2010.

9. Quarantine policy reform; Amanda Sichter August 2004.

8.  Submission by J. Nevill (May 2007) to the Commonwealth Government: review of proposed Fishery Harvest Strategy Policy and Guidelines.

7.  Are high seas MPAs a long-term solution?
     Exchange of emails.

6.  Submission by J. Nevill (Feb 2006) to the Commonwealth Government: review of proposed MPAs in the SE Region.

5.  Submission by J. Nevill (Oct 2005) to the Commonwealth review of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Act 1975. 

4.  Letters to the Australian UNICPOLOS delegation re destructive fishing and vessel monitoring. 2005.

3.  The State Government of Tasmania is (August 2000) currently developing a Marine Protected Area program. A draft MPA Strategy has been released for comment. It can be downloaded from . The following document is my submission.

DOC: Submission: J.Nevill: Tasmania's Draft Marine Protected Area Strategy: August 2000. PDF; 21 kbytes.

2.  The Victorian government, through the Environment Conservation Council, conducted a Marine, Coastal and Estuarine Investigation in 1999-2000.  The Draft Report for Public Consultation was released in December 1999. 

DOC: Submission: J.Nevill: February 2000.  MS Word97; 55 kbytes.

1.  From the opening note on philosophy (website home page) Sacred sites for marine animals.