Protecting marine ecosystems: essential reading.

These are 'must read' references with information vital to understanding both marine ecosystems and human impacts on these ecosystems.  See also the core 'classic essays' which illuminate key natural resource management processes and the cultures which underpin them. References below are arranged in chronological order.

Key references: marine protected areas

AAAS American Association for the Advancement of Science (2001) Scientific consensus statement on marine reserves and marine protected areas.  From accessed 20 August 2004.

At the Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002, countries agreed to ambitious targets for creating national networks of marine protected areas by 2012 and rebuilding overexploited fisheries by 2015. 
Reference: United Nations (2002)
World Summit on Sustainable Development: Plan of Implementation:

James Bohnsack (2003) Shifting baselines, marine reserves, and Leopold's biotic ethic; Gulf and Caribbean Research vol.14 no.2 pp.1-7.


Key references: ecosystem-based fisheries management

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Available from .  This paper is essential reading, and is readily accessible using a search engine like Google. Abstract

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Available from the James Cook University website, or from Nature at and recommendations.


Websites containing bibliographies

See the Fisheries Watch and Seaweb sites on the list of international links , and the WWF reference list.  Link to pdf file: AAAS Fisheries Bibliography 2000