Key references:

Aldo Leopold: a well-respected environmentalist most often remembered for his promotion of a 'land ethic'.

Amory Lovins (of the Rocky Mountains Institute) has written a number of books on energy / environment / society issues.   Amongst his most well known is "Natural Capitalism".  (using resources efficiently).

Barbara Ward: Only One Earth: care and maintenance of a small planet.

Bill McKibben's books deal with the interface between society, consumerism and the environment.

Chief Seattle: The "gospel according to Chief Seattle" was apparently written by Ted Perry - see background and text in this document. It nevertheless remains an articulate statement of a 'land ethic'.

The Dalai Lama The Power of Compassion, and other titles.

David Orr is the author of Earth in Mind (1994) and Ecological Literacy (1992) and over 100 published articles. He is also the co-editor of  Environmental Responsibility co-edited with David Eagan   (Jossey-Bass, 1992), and The Global Predicament co-edited with Marvin   Soroos (University of North Carolina Press, 1979).

David Suzuki's books provide accessible references covering a wide variety of environmental and related social issues.  His works are referenced, and provide information on important sources for further reading.   He is a director of the Suzuki Foundation.

Deep Ecology is a philosophy founded on asking 'deep' questions about the interrelationships between humans, other life forms, and the planet.   Deep Ecology sees most economic theory, and most current political thinking, as fourndered on shallow questions and assumptions.

Edward Goldsmith, founder of The Ecologist writes on a variety of environmental and related social issues, including the links between the firsth and third worlds.  Sandy Irving's selection of the best green books from 1970-90.

Endocrine disruptors:  Colborn, Theo; Dumanoski, Dianne; and Peterson Myers, John (1996) Our stolen future.  Plume/Penguin; New York.

Jim Chen Legal Mythmaking in a Time of Mass Extinctions: Reconciling Stories of Origins with Human Destiny

Rachel Carson (1963) Silent Spring. Houghton Mifflin, New York.

Roger Fouts & Stephen Mills (1997) Next of Kin.   Penguin Book; London. The book deals with Roger Fouts' work in teaching   chimpanzees American Sign Language (ASL).  According to the book's cover "The dream of talking to animals has become reality, but can we learn to fulfil our responsibilities to our biological - and spiritual - next of kin?"

Paul Ehrlich, Anne Ehrlich, David Pimentel - on population.  See also website links.   For a book on the Australian population issue, see: Birrell R, Hill D and Nevill J (1984) Populate and Perish;  Fontana, Sydney.


Further references to come.  Have you any suggestions?  Please email me.