Scientists                          see also OceanExperts

This list includes a few key non-marine scientists involved in global conservation issues.

Andrew Balmford
Amory & Hunter Lovins  (Rocky Mountain Institute, energy, resource efficiency)
Ana Rodrigues  (Center for Applied Biodiversity Science, Conservation International, USA)
Bill Ballantine  (NZ marine protected areas; now retired)
Bob Pressey   (systematic conservation planning)
Boris Worm
Callum Roberts
Carleton Ray
Carl Safina
Carl Walters
Charles Birkeland  (coral reef ecology and management)
Craig Johnson
Daniel Pauly
David Suzuki
Ellen Pikitch
Elliot Norse  (deep sea ecosystems; Marine Conservation Biology Institute)
Gary Davis
Graeme Kelleher
Hal Whitehead  (cetacean research)
Hugh Possingham
Jake Rice
James Bohnsack
James Carlton
Jane Lubchenco
Jared Diamond  (sustainability, biogeography)
Jeremy Jackson
Jim Estes (role of keystone species, otters)
John Veron (coral, climate change)
Karen Edyvane   (marine biodiversity, Govt of the Northern Territory, Australia)
Keith Sainsbury
Kristina Gjerde
Matthew Gianni
Paul Dayton
Ransom Myers
Ray Hilborn  (spatial modelling, adaptive management, stock assessment, resource conservation)
Robert Costanza
Scoresby Shepherd
Sylvia Earle
Terry Hughes
Tony Pitcher
Trevor Ward  (Greenward Consulting)
Tundi Agardy