National Bycatch Policy:

Under development 2004


  • Foster stewardship of Australia's aquatic resource, ie maintain and improve the quality, diversity and availability of fisheries resources, including fish habitats, and the integrity of the aquatic ecosystem into the future; 
  • Promote cooperative and transparent approaches involving all stakeholders for effective stewardship of our aquatic resources; 
  • Integrate short-term considerations with long-term goals in managing aquatic resources; 
  • Use robust and practical methods to assess bycatch so as to make decisions on management; 
  • Recognise the unique biological, economic, cultural and social nature of individual fisheries; 
  • Encourage cooperation in the development of complementary and effective arrangements between relevant authorities where stocks overlap, are split between jurisdictions, or are migratory; 
  • Ensure the widest adoption of bycatch mitigation measures through collaboration between the commercial, recreational, charter and indigenous fishing sectors, research and research funding organisations, environment and nature conservation agencies and fisheries management agencies; 
  • Apply the precautionary approach to the management of fish and aquatic resources.

Source: Commonwealth Department of Fisheries, Forests and Agriculture
Accessed 4 October 2004.