Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals, 1979


Article II

Fundamental Principles

1. The Parties acknowledge the importance of migratory species being conserved and of Range States agreeing to take action to this end whenever possible and appropriate, paying special attention to migratory species the conservation status of which is unfavourable, and taking individually or in co-operation appropriate and necessary steps to conserve such species and their habitat.
2. The Parties acknowledge the need to take action to avoid any migratory species becoming endangered.
3. In particular, the Parties:
a) should promote, co-operate in and support research relating to migratory species;
b) shall endeavour to provide immediate protection for migratory species included in Appendix I; and
c) shall endeavour to conclude Agreements covering the conservation and management of migratory species included in Appendix II.

Comment: Appendix I lists species which are endangered (Article III section 1.)  Appendix II  lists species whose conservation status is unfavourable (Article I section 1(d); Article IV section 1.)