Australian Seafood Industry Council   1998

A code of conduct for a responsible seafood fishery

Extract: General principles:

Underlying this Code of Conduct are general principles applying across the whole of the seafood industry:

  • The seafood industry will strive to conserve and protect aquatic ecosystems.
  • The seafood industry will participate in and comply with management regimes to ensure sufficient seafood resources for present and future generations in the context of ecologically sustainable development.
  • The seafood industry will comply with all applicable laws and regulations governing their harvest and post-harvest activities.
  • The seafood industry will promote the granting of secure access rights for commercial fishers and aquaculturists.
  • The seafood industry will take all reasonable measures to minimise its impacts on the environment through any of their harvest or post-harvest activities.
  • The seafood industry will strive to implement clean production principles including minimising any wastage of resource.
  • The seafood industry will harvest, handle, process and distribute seafood and seafood products in a manner which will maintain the health and nutritional value, quality and safety of the products.
  • The seafood industry will endeavour to ensure transportation and storage methods are environmentally sound and will facilitate the development and transfer of appropriate technologies, and provide incentives to ensure their widespread adoption.
  • The seafood industry will strive to resolve disputes in a timely and cooperative manner.
  • The seafood industry will promote the consumption of seafood by recognising and meeting customer requirements.
  • The seafood industry will plan, prepare and implement appropriate and relevant training packages for those who work in the industry.
  • The seafood industry will not tolerate damage to the sustainable productivity of fisheries by the illegal acts of others.