Chapter 17 of Agenda 21 (1992)

Agenda 21 contained the working strategies from the Rio 1992 World Summit on the Environment.  Chapter 17 deals with marine and coastal environmental protection.

For the most part, Chapter 17 avoids the reiteration of principles stated earlier in the UNED process.  It does, however, refer to certain principles of trade and international cooperation:


Should trade policy measures be found necessary for the enforcement of environmental policies, certain principles and rules should apply. These could include, inter alia, the principle of non-discrimination; the principle that the trade measure chosen should be the least trade-restrictive necessary to achieve the objectives; an obligation to ensure transparency in the use of trade measures related to the environment and to provide adequate notification of national regulations; and the need to give consideration to the special conditions and development requirements of developing countries as they move towards internationally agreed environmental objectives.