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This section of this site seeks to provide both policy-related and practical information, and links to such information, related to issues of protecting the environment. It focuses mainly on documents which are otherwise difficult to access, however it also includes certain landmark papers of particular importance (Saunders et al. in the freshwater section, or Odum in the key papers section, for example).

The current focus of the site relates to:

dealing mainly with Australian policies and programs.

Key references (authors / books providing information on a wide variety of environmental and social issues).

Key papers (international policy documents, classic essays, notes on Australian legislation, notes on philosophy).

Links to other sites (key sites covering Australian and international environmental and humanitarian issues in general).

Ocean Child One - the yacht I owned between 2010 and 2019: 
...... an 11m steel Van de Stadt cruising yacht

Youtube: transcript of "Advice on choosing and losing a partner".
                  notes on prostate health supplements (Australia)

Jonathan Nevill: Dog Walker

Jonathan Nevill: Local Guide (Hobart and environs)

Jonathan Nevill: Private tutor in mathematics, to Year 10.

Genealogy of the Norman Nevills: family tree AD 1040 to AD 2000.

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