Tasman Peninsula  2018, 2020


Fortescue Bay, Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania, July 21-22 2018, and January 19 2020.


Chris Ball













Michelle and Laura



The Candlestick (the Totem Pole is just out of sight behind the right hand cliff).


Photo: Rob Leeuwenburg




The seals kept perfectly still. In fact they could have been plastic models! They were in two groups: five small grey seals in the photo above, and one large brown seal in the photo below. They are very hard to see in these photos. Above, they are the smudges resting on the inclined pale ledge, just to the left of the kayak's nose. Below, a single brown smudge about a quarter of the way in from the left.  









This is how it used to look many years ago.  Back then there was a lot of giant kelp in Fortescue Bay, but now it's nearly all gone. This kelp is sensitive to rising temperature.  The bay has been heavily overfished for several decades: the fish are nearly all gone now too.  Photo by Joanna Smart.


Sunrise, Tesellated Pavements




Eastern sky at sunset.



Below: posters showing the coastline to the west of Cape Hauy from the air.

The first is Cape Pillar; the second is the coastline west of Cape Pillar.

Photographers above and below: unknown.


Photos (other than credits) from my Samsung phone.