Trips around Hobart  2018


Hartz Peak Walk



Notice the difference in vegetation: fire-adapted on the left, and fire-sensitive on the right



Below, the view from the start of the walk




The Picton River

Below: the Picton River just above the junction with the Huon River. 

Water level: 0.7m at the Judbury guage.  Not really enough for smooth kayaking.



Springtime foliage



Moss on the bridge



Mika and Felix




Cathedral Rock


The hike to Cathedral Rock starts at a small carpark at the end of Betts Road, Neika, Hobart


It's a half-day hike. Plan for lunch at the peak if it's not too windy. 


Below, the view to the southeast.



Chantal and Sophie





One of Deloraine's leafy roadsides.




Geeveston murals






North Hobart
Mural, North Hobart



Lost World, Mount Wellington



Lost World is a boulder-field. There are at least two caves, of which only the first is readily accessible.