Recipe for a special breakfast

I am the sort of person who is a bit unimaginative about food, especially breakfast. I've got into the habit of having roughly the same thing each morning: muesli, yoghurt, soy milk and fruit. Actually not bad...

Anne arrived on February 10 2015 from her holiday exploring the North Island of New Zealand with Dave. On the morning of February 14, she asked "What are you having for breakfast?" 
"Just the usual, I suppose... muesli." 
"I don't think so" she replied.

While I was wondering about what that meant (I'm a bit slow!) she laid the table with plates, paper napkins, croissants, my favourite fig jam, and fresh cherries and plums!  Delicious!

I picked up my paper napkin, and to my surprise found something underneath... a scratchy lottery card! I read the front and found I could win up to $20,000. But alas, as Anne and I scratched away at the numbers we found that we had not won anything... but who cares? It's only money!

What a great breakfast! And hardly fattening at all! Although I did have rather a lot of jam!