New Zealand, South Island, the north end...   2018

Golden Bay, Takaka, Nelson

Photos by Barbara Dahn, unless otherwise acknowledged.



The car ferry across Cook Strait took us to Picton, where we found a sign saying we were not allowed to have fun...   



As on the North Island, forestry (pine) is a huge industry. The Marlborough Sounds seems largely occupied by this crop. In the photo below, all native vegetation has been removed. However the famous Queen Charlotte Walk does pass through some semi-natural forest. At several places the walk  intersects the road network, so walking short sections is an easy option.





Right at the far north of the South Island, there are beautiful bays and headlands, and the Archway Islands.






The many seals were accustomed to tourists.





In Golden Bay we stayed with Kelsey, a friend of Barbara's.  Kelsey had a dog, Ralph, who became an immediate friend.  Kelsey had some work by the American artist Lesley Bell...  I thought wonderful treatment of scale...




Takaka, Golden Bay ... a trendy town. Even the local mechanic sponsors work of art.




We saw many of these "truck houses". I've never seen them in Australia. Maybe Australians just don't have the right sort of sense of humour...




Ralph... sleeping on my pillow.




On our last day, as we were packing the car, Ralph made his intentions clear...




We arrived in Golden Bay on a misty rainy day. However, on leaving Golden Bay in sunny weather, the view from "the hill' was worth stopping for.







We visited Nelson Museum...  I loved the colours in this stained glass work.




The Nelson cemetry is a peaceful, shady place, of large trees, quiet gravestones, and contented sheep... we spent some time there reading the inscriptions, and wondering about the lives of people, now long gone.





Nelson is the home of WOW... the world of wearable art.  This is a world class facility.