Reference for Jon Nevill and Ocean Child One

Alice Kamperschroer,  March 20, 2014

Two and a half months on the sailing boat, Ocean Child One, in New Zealand- a wonderful time, that I'll never forget.

I first came aboard Jon Nevill's 11m yacht at the beginning of January in Nelson, NZ, and met a very friendly, generous man, who welcomed me warmly on his boat. Because of a few repairs that had to be done, the boat stuck for a while in the Nelson marina. Politely, how he is, he offered me to stay on his boat for a few nights, made room for me to let me sleep in the big, comfortable bed in the back cabin and even asked me to join him for a beautiful weekend trip to the Abel Tasman National Park. Because living with Jon is so easy-going and interesting, I decided to stay and help him fix the boat until we could head off and sail the boat up the west coast to the Bay of Islands. The following three weeks in Nelson were very interesting for me. I was eager to learn a lot about boats and sailing and Jon always took the time to explain and teach me patiently all the things I needed to know. Not too afraid of damage, he let me do many things on my own.

When we finally came to the Bay of Islands, Jon invited me to stay and enjoy another few weeks coastal sailing around the stunning Bay of Islands.

Living aboard is quite convenient. The boat offers easily enough room for three people. We even have WiFi on board and can watch TV or DvD on a computer screen.

There is a shower available in the head, that we hardly used because it needs to be warmed up by the engine. There is snorkelling gear on the boat, that I was allowed to use, whenever I wanted to, and I had a pretty good time snorkelling around the Cavalli Islands. All in all the boat is in a good condition and I felt safe sailing offshore.

I didn't get paid, but Jon is very generous and pays for everything that you need during the trip. He sees himself as a part of a team, that decides together. He is a competent skipper, who is patient and easy-going. He really appreciates crew who likes to cook and he is happy to do the dishes afterwards. I had really good conversations with him and felt very comfortable and appreciated with what I was doing.

He is always very attentive and considerate and wants you to have a good time on the trip.

Additionally he cares about safety, what is very important on a boat. Jon likes nature and is keen on bush walks and exploration of the underwater world. I've seen amazing places with him and enjoyed a beautiful and relaxed time.

Thank you very much, Jon, for this wonderful experience!