Alice Kamperschroer

A reference                                                                                  April  2014

Aliceís great great grandmother was a mermaid. At least thatís my theory, although Alice denies it.  She really is a skipperís dream come true. She came to my boat in early January, in the New Zealand port of Nelson. She helped me with a variety of technical repairs, then we sailed 5 days straight to Opua, in a short-handed run up NZís west coast. We then explored the northern coast until the middle of April.

Here are her qualities: highly intelligent, learns fast, energetic, physically and emotionally strong, calm and even-tempered, a great cook, courageous (dived in to release a fouled rope around the propeller in rough seas), and understands technical issues. However two other qualities are of great importance: from the moment she arrived she saw herself as part of a team. Thatís really important Ė whenever I needed help she was right there beside me. Finally, she has a profound love for the ocean Ė thatís a great help and is the foundation for her ability to cope with the boredom and discomfort which inevitably accompany cruising.

Alice at Diamond Bay near Melbourne                                                       Jon Nevill