James Cope

A reference                                                                                  January  2014

No matter what happens to James, his immediate reaction is "I can cope with that". James is a true adventurer, by heart and by nature. His love for the outdoors is I think grounded in the excitement that comes from both the beauty and the danger that comes with 'extreme' places.

On our worst night of the Tasman Sea trip, with winds to 50 knots forecast (thank goodness they never arrived) with large following seas, the autopilot refused to function. James steered through most of the night, taking over my shift because I was seasick. In the morning I was worried that he would be suffering from cold and exhaustion. His reply was "don't worry Jon, this is what I live for..."

James was great crew in every respect. Always supportive, he kept a close eye on the boat and on me. There were many times he would spot a problem before I was aware of it, and ask me if there was something he could do to help.  Intelligent and adaptable, he pretty much ran the boat during the crossing. And I should also mention that he was happy to help with a variety of boring and dirty technical problems before the trip started.

The only problem I have with James is that I may never see him again...