Whangaroa Harbour                             26 February 2014

Winds have been very light, and the air warm. Tucked in here, protected by huge rock cliffs, we only get the slightest wind and swell. Last night I spent a while on deck after Alice had gone to bed, watching the stars. They are so bright, and so many, away from city lights. I listened to the sounds of the night. Sheltered here in Lane Cove, there was just the faintest sound of water lapping the shores. As always, the forest exudes a background sound of insects. In the distance I could hear a bird calling, a bit like the call of the Mopoke back home in Australia. Every now and then I could hear a fish at the surface of the water. The world seemed at peace... and here in Whangaroa Harbour, it was.

We got good food, not expensive, at the Whangaroa Hotel, (with St Paul's Rock)


Typical dense forest volcanic conglomerate landscape of Whangaroa Harbour


There is a chain to assist walkers reach the top of Duke's Nose


Ocean Child from Duke's Nose


Freshwater streams feed the inlets of Whangaroa Harbour


Ocean Child resting in Lane Cove