Southeast Tasmania: Ocean Child expeditions...

Bruny Island:

Partridge Island Pier

Long ago Partridge Island was owned and farmed by a family, but it has now been deserted for many years, and all that remains of the farm are the foundations of the buildings, and old fruit trees scattered around the area where the dwellings once stood. In April 2012 I was woken just before dawn from my bunk in Ocean Child... there was a "knock, knock, knock" followed by a loud male voice: "Lindsay!" said just once. I was a little alarmed, as I thought Ocean Child was the only boat at the island. I sat up. Again, a loud knock three times, followed by the same voice: "Lindsay!".  I got out of bed and quickly pulled on a jumper and jeans. I must have reached the cockpit perhaps a minute after the last sound. The sky was light, and I could see the sun was about to rise above the Eastern horizon. A light breeze ruffled the water, but all was quiet. There was no-one there... the pier, the shore, indeed the island... were completely deserted....


Light and shadow - The Friars, South Bruny


Anne Sachot


Tasman Peninsula 

Near Lime Bay


Emperor Gum Moth


Sea cave Tasman Peninsula


Sea tower, Tasman Peninsula

Seals, Tasman Island


Sea cave looking out, Tasman Peninsula


Maria Island


Cliffs, Maria Island


Cormorants, Maria Island



Hippolyte Rock

Ile des Phoque

Wineglass Bay, Freycinet Peninsula

Hillside above Wineglass Bay

Be careful of loose rocks on the walking track.


Actually, there are loose rocks all over the place...


Granite landscape, Mount Amos


And monsters.... (Mt Amos)