Golden Bay

Alice Kamperschroer                                                                           January 2014

The weekend after our beautiful trip to Abel Tasman National Park, we drove to Golden Bay to meet Sam, an English girl who worked in a cafe with a stunning view over Farewell Spit. Unfortunately, many whales are stranding here because of the long sand bank of the spit. Several times during the year, helpers try to refloat the whales. Fortunately, a lot of the operations are successful.

After a delicious coffee, Sam took us to her favourite places. Through a farm park we came to the windy but magic Farewell Spit, where some seals are resting undisturbed in the sun.

The fat contented sheep on this farm seem to be the luckiest sheep I've ever seen. They found a shady place under a tree.

After an hour-long walk, that Sam said was meant to take only 15 minutes, we spotted this small hut in the middle of nowhere. Long ago someone lived here - a lonely but peaceful life. It was definitely worth the long walk!

I was amazed by the wilderness and beauty of the Wharariki Beach and its archway islands! This beach will be listed in my personal favourite beaches of NZ. Yet unknown, that the list will be so much longer after our sailing trip to the Bay of Islands.

Thanks to Sam, that she shared these breathtaking spots with us that we would probably never have found on our own. What a wonderful day in the remote wilderness of the Golden Bay!