Old Stone Cottages, South Australia  2021  


Photographs and commentary: copyright Jonathan C Nevill,  2021, unless otherwise credited. Camera: Samsung Galaxy S7.

I've always liked ruins. I visited Russia in 1998, and loved the ruined churches. There were so many of them!

Factories, houses, shacks, boats... if they're in ruins... I love them. I remember years ago, Rosemary and I were hiking through a vast pine plantation in South Gippsland, when, in a small clearing, we came across the ruins of a tiny wooden cottage, probably once belonging to a farm worker. 

We stood there silently, thinking about the stories it could tell if it could speak to us.


In September 2021 I drove from Wilmington to Gladstone to Adelaide (South Australia).

With the exception of roadside reserves and a few small conservation reserves, the landscape along this road is cropping. Almost as far as you can see.  

I came across two kangaroos in a large canola crop, and wondered where on earth their home was.




When I was growing up, half a century ago now, telegraph lines were everywhere.

Now you hardly ever see them. They have been taken down and the poles and wires recycled to other uses.

But, amazingly, here they are! AND complete with their wires!  How did that happen?




And the same applies to old farm machinery, often left to rust in some obscure corner or paddock...



Back-tracking my trip a bit, the old Kanyaka Homestead lies north of Quorn.
















And, as night fell...



But, getting back to Booleroo, a short drive from Wilmington...

Like so many small towns, there's not much left of Booleroo now.


Booleroo cottage.


And further south, Manoora...

While I love ruins, it's always a bit sad to see an old place decaying. Here the right hand part of the roof is still ok, but the left hand section has gone, so the timbers inside, and the floor, will be rotting.


 A poem by Max Fatchen. 

Writing about times and people gone by....

A beautiful poem...