Trips around Hobart: Mount Wellington  2018



Photos from Mount Wellington on the evening of 31/12/2018



The summit of Mount Wellington is around 1270 m above sea level, so usually about 10 degrees colder than the city of Hobart. The grassed areas are sometimes called 'marsupial lawns' as they are kept neat by marsupial grazing. Here are two wallabies looking very much like background rocks.




Looking northeast.




Looking southeast.




This is how Google Photos saw the same image.





Looking west just after sunset.




Looking north just before sunset.




Ice on fallen leaves




A frosty morning




Aleisa at Lost World Cave No.1




The pipeline track runs along the south side of the Mount Wellington plateau, roughly following a contour. 

Relatively flat, the track is excellent for walking or cycling. Days can be foggy or clear.



The pipeline track gets its name from a pipeline supplying water to the city of Hobart.




There is a small weir at the end of the Pipeline Track.  In June 2019, the entire flow of the creek was diverted into the pipe.




Shortly before the Pipeline Track reaches the weir, a small track takes off to the north: the Wellington Falls Lookout Track.




I like the way the leaves are so tightly defined by their symmetry and colour. 







This is the setting of the Falls. They plunge abruptly into a rocky gully. Here only the rocky outcrops hint at the gully below the trees; the left-hand outcrop marks the south (near) side, while the right-hand outcrop marks the north (far) side. The falls themselves are only visible as the thin white vertical line to the right of the right-hand rocks.



Wellington Falls. Photo Craig Doumouras




Wellington Falls.




Cathedral Rock from Snake Plains




View from Cathedral Rock looking northeast. The pipeline track is just visible on the far side of the valley stream.





On the way home. The first (lowest) lookout on the Mount Wellington access road looks south towards Bruny Islalnd.



Photos, other than those credited, are from my Samsung phone.