Domestic Bliss

After our initial trip in 2013, Anne and I made plans to travel together in early 2014. Due to unexpected delays with repairs in Nelson, this did not happen. We moved our plans forward, and Anne joined Ocean Child on February 10, 2015.

Team Ocean Child                       L' equipe Ocean Child


Living on the hardstand at Opua....   noisy and dusty, but we could hear the Moreporks
calling from a nearby patch of forest at night. There were glow-worms there too!



Painting... yes, it did look like Anne's forest mushrooms!

Ocean Child au pays des hobbits et des amanites!



Jon's version of the French Flag!                                Anne's version of the French flag!



Ocean Child's version of the French Flag!



Special brunch No.2 !                                                Jon's French lesson... Duolingo


Jon's standard breakfast                                             Special brunch No.3 !



Tous deux armes de redoutables outils pour un bateau tout propre, ainsi que de casques !  Non, celui de Jon n'avait pas pour objectif de couvrir les horribles sons pousses par Anne, mais bien de se proteger de ceux de l' aspirateur!


Colour coordination before sunrise!  We left the Poor Knights Islands before breakfast....

Depart precipite, entre le changement de tenue, yeux a peine ouverts...


It is important to keep an active watch at all times.... in case the boat runs into something..

Un quart ou nous sommes tous deux completement concentres sur la surveillance aux alentours du bateau....


A rare photo of Jon attempting to do more than one task at once. Here he is trying to manage both the steering and a phone! And he was even trying to watch some fish! Normally such behaviour leads to disaster... like the time he ran the boat aground in the Cavalli Islands, just when I was preparing lunch! Luckily for him we have no photos of this event!

Ici, un homme capable de faire TROIS choses a la fois : diriger un bateau, observer le banc de poisson a la surface de l'eau et passer commande pour la confection de batons en fibre de glace! Cet homme s' appelle SuperJonny !


Is there another Anne Sachot living in Whangarei?  But the date was April 1, 2015....

... Probablement la delicate, amusante et tardive attention de St Valentin - version de Jon... en ce 1er Avril! En reponse, il a eu droit a son poisson dans le dos!



Take care when handling your fish... When removing the hook the fish can deliver a nasty bite, if you are not careful !

Notre premiere prise de poisson! Attention Jon, tu peux te faire mordre en enlevant l'hamecon!

After many attempts Jon had been unable to catch a fish of legal size.  April 1: Anne pinned one to his T-shirt! Luckily Jon realised before their shopping expedition!

Pourtant, les poissons sont juste la, a narguer Jon, super inquiet : ''Mais comment vais-je faire pour attraper un de ces fichus poissons pour notre prochain diner???''


Photo taken after our Whangarei Op-Shopping expedition, which made an extensive investigation of six shops. Costs: Anne's pants: $5, Anne's top $3.5, Jon's jeans $2, Jon's shirt $4. Now we know why Jon's bank account is empty!

Retour de l'apres-midi ''shopping'' des boutiques secondes-mains de Whangarei, soit 6 boutiques differentes! Oulala!!!
Tenue de Anne : 8,5$ ; Tenue de Jon : 6$
Bilan : Les femmes depensent toujours plus d'argent dans les fringues que les hommes!

Anne was in an extremely good mood on April 4... we were both wondering why... was it all those chocolate Easter Eggs we had hidden on board Ocean Child...? Until we read that there had been a lunar eclipse!  Maybe we will have the answer in 2018 ?

Malgre le caractere imprevu et impose de notre escale a Whangarei, nous avons eu un agreable temps a boire des cafes latte en lisant le journal. Ce n'etait sans doute pas la cafeine, ni les chocolats de Paques caches a bord du bateau qui m'ont rendu si enthousiaste... Mais peut-etre les effets de l'eclipse lunaire!?! En tout cas, cette lune rousse nous annoncait du trouble a venir lors de notre depart...


As you can see, our catch of Easter Eggs hasn't been so unhealthy!

Comme vous pouvez voir, la chasse aux oeufs de Paques n'a pas ete totalement mauvaise pour la sante!

Jon pris en flag' au beau milieu de sa sieste! Est-ce le shopping, les chasses aux oeufs ou bien l'energie debordante d'Anne sous l'effet du cafe qui l'ont extenue?


Notre jour de Paques a plutot ressemble a un matin de Noel : ouverture des colis qui nous ont ete delivres!

Our Easter day like a Christmas morning!


I nearly missed out on this breakfast completely because I couldn't follow Anne's secret instructions!  Anne loves finding ways to bring smiles to the faces of the people around her; in fact it is her main pass-time. So if you are a person close to her you get a LOT of attention!  I woke on April 1, 2015 to find Anne had got out of bed early, and was already in the galley packing a large bag. On her explorations around Whangarei she had found a pretty little park, on the side of a hill, overlooking shady trees, a pond and a fountain. She knew that I had not discovered this park - I had no idea it even existed. She had decided to create a special breakfast as a surprise... so of course I knew nothing of her plan, until she handed me a sealed envelop with instructions "do not open for 15 minutes after I leave". These were instructions about how to find her and the special breakfast. BUT the instructions were written IN CODE! Which I had to decipher! WOW ... I had so much trouble working out the secret instructions I tried to phone her... but she was busy preparing the breakfast... all sorts of special treats! Eventually I did find her and the breakfast!

Jon avait a trouve cet arbre aux fleurs jaunes pour meriter son dernier petit-dejeuner a Whangarei! J'avoue : il a triche! Il m'a appele pour trouver un indice manquant... A moins qu'il n'ait ete trop presse de decouvrir ce qu'il y avait a manger!?!


Laputa... the island in the sky... We have been watching Studio Ghibli movies.....

Notre version de Laputa, le chateau dans le ciel d' Hayao Myasaki

On one of our bush walks Anne found a fig tree, beside the ruins of an old cottage. She knew fig jam was my favourite. In spite of the difficulties of jam-making on a small yacht, she soon produced several jars of delicious fig jam!

Another wonderful thing... Anne had a book of French fables. At bed-time she would read me a fable, in French of course... and then explain it in English. What a good way to end the day!