Collins Bonnet, Wellington Park, Tasmania, 2021  


Photographs and commentary: copyright Jonathan C Nevill 2021, unless otherwise credited. Camera: Samsung Galaxy S7
January 25, 2021


Collins Bonnet is one of a group of peaks on the Wellington Plateau, just west of Hobart. 

Mount Wellington is the highest of these peaks at 1271m. Collins Bonnet is 1261m. 

Vegetation is alpine heath in exposed locations, and sub-alpine scrub and woodland in sheltered areas.
Geology: mainly dolerite with some areas of sandstone.

We (that's Dani, Victoria and me) started the walk from Big Bend Car-park (bottom right), finishing at Myrtle Forest Picnic Area (top centre-left).

Start: 11:30 hours; finish: 18:30 hours. Pace: leisurely. Stops: Mount Connection and Collins Bonnet. A lot of the hike is at around 1000m altitude.


The first part of the walk is along a fire-trail.



The second part of the walk is along a formed hiking track (which has not seen substantial maintenance for some time).

Tea-tree (Melaleuca) scrub was still in bloom, although the flowers are too small to appear in this image.




Although we started the hike in sunshine, cloud cover built up quickly. We knew that the weather forecast had predicted rain in the afternoon.

There are board-walks over some of the areas where the soil is often water-logged. I like boardwalks!



Landscape looking southeast from Mount Connection. 



A closer view of Pulpit Rock. Those are the Mount Wellington transmission towers on the skyline.

Notice the many boulder-fields.



The landscape approaching Collins Bonnet from the east. In this image the horizon is blurred by approaching rain.



Above and below: views from the summit of Collins Bonnet.









The nearest peak is Trestle Mountain (viewed from Collins Bonnet).


On leaving Collins Bonnet, the hiking trail re-joins a fire-trail for about half a kilometre.

After that, we connected with a north-south hiking trail which enters a long and steep descent along a gully, full of magnificent wet forest.





That brought us to the Myrtle Forest Picnic area, where we had a car waiting for us.