Arid Plants  2021  


Photographs and commentary: copyright Jonathan C Nevill,  2021, unless otherwise credited. Camera: Samsung Galaxy S7. 


I left Perth (Western Australia) on September 14, in my Hyundai campervan. 

Springtime is a good time for flowers in southern Australia. 

Western Australia has some amazing plants, like prostrate banksias, not found in other States.

I arrived home in Hobart, via the trans-Tasman ferry, on October 1. Unfortunately I was unable to visit my Victorian friends on account of covid.

This photo-essay is devoted to the plants and flowers I saw on the trip.


At Fernhook Falls



Grasstrees at Fernhook Falls. Note the tall one in the background; a plant of this size would be hundreds of years old.






One-sided bottlebrush












Waychinup coastal healthland. Unfortunately photographed on a cloudy morning.



Cape Arid













Cape Arid






Cape Le Grande









Cape Le Grande. Prostate banksia (plan view).



Cape Le Grande



Leaving Cape Le Grande. In some places the roadside turned purple....



Near the town of Norseman.



Spinifex in flower. Arid Plants Botanic Garden, Port Augusta, South Australia.

This is a world-class botanic garden. Highly recommended.



Typical spinifex growth habit: 'dead' stems in the centre, and a ring of green growth on the outside. Can anyone tell me the evolutionary or ecological significance of this habit?









Book-leaf Mallee



Needle-leaf wattle



I love these purple circular seed-pods.



Red Mallee



Xanthorrhoea thorntonii



Gilja Mallee



These seed pods are over 25mm in diameter! Striking! Apparently some visitors to the botanic garden come here SOLELY to see this plant!



Victoria Spring Mallee