Anne is my only crew able to stand up straight in the cockpit! So being short is an advantage!

I really think there is only one girl like this in the whole world! In fact she's so good, at first I thought she must be another species, perhaps from a distant planet.. an alien who had assumed the form of a human being. Happy, intelligent, enthusiastic, a great cook, courageous (jumped INTO the water when she saw a shark!), strong (she can haul a sail better than I can), and emotionally amazingly calm (even when her skipper ran the boat into a rock by not keeping a proper lookout).

But there's more... she can communicate her feelings, including the occasional reprimand, with wonderful grace and intelligence. And that's a great advantage when you have a badly-behaved skipper!  She came bearing wonderful gifts of laughter and companionship.... which I will never forget.  And there's more, but you probably wouldn't believe me....

Jon                                                                                            25 February 2015