Dr Jon Nevill

B.A.; B.E.(Mech)Hons; M.Env.Sc.  (Monash University)
PhD (University of Tasmania)
Environmental Policy Analyst

Now semi-retired, Jon was the director of OnlyOnePlanet Consulting (specialising in aquatic conservation policy). Dr Nevill is an environmental scientist and planner with a life-long interest in the conservation and management of aquatic ecosystems. His experience includes scientific research (the prediction and control of air pollution) as well as hands-on work in a variety of pollution management situations with State environment agencies.  His PhD thesis (2004-09) involved an investigation of policy issues surrounding overfishing under regulation (School of Government, University of Tasmania).

Jon has published over 60 short papers and co-authored seven major reports (five dealing specifically with environmental issues within the freshwater industry). He was an invited keynote speaker at the Freshwater Protected Areas Conference in Sydney in September 2004, and is co-editor of 'The Australian Freshwater Protected Area Resourcebook' (2004). He has worked on three major freshwater policy contracts for the Australian Government, as well as providing consultant input into the Australian State of the Environment Report 2006. Prior to his work as a consultant, Jon held senior positions in environment agencies in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Canberra. His experience in the water industry includes policy and strategy development, development of legislation and management systems, environmental impact assessment, and policy implementation programs - relating both to the control of water pollution and the conservation of aquatic ecosystems. 

Jon coordinated the preparation of a major scientific statement on marine protected areas in 2008, and was part of a team which developed a statement on scientific principles of MPA design, in 2009.

Phone: Australia 0422 926 515;
Email jonathan.nevill@gmail.com  

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